Healthcare Professional in Tarzana, CA

Meet Dr. Alexander Everest

Dr. Alexander Everest has over 20 years of experience in key positions in the healthcare industry. He started off as a student at the VA Medical Center and also learned the art of health care administration from his late father Dr. Edwin Everest. After working at the VA for four years, he joined his father’s firm at West Coast Healthcare Consultants. While working, Dr. Everest worked towards a doctorate in Healthcare and Business Administration, which he achieved in 2014 and then joined his father’s firm full time.

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After you have finally received your hard-earned M.D., you may feel that you have completed school. However, all doctors continue their education after medical school in some way. Residencies, fellowships, and other graduate medical education opportunities are required before working as a licensed physician.


“My typical day is very busy. New things hit my desk every day. There’s always a new need greater than the last. There’s always a compelling story.”


If you are seriously ill, you may be interested in palliative care. Palliative care is concerned with relieving your physical symptoms while making you more comfortable. It can be given in a hospital, nursing home, or at home surrounded by family.